Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Sencha Touch: How to display images in Carousel full screen

As requested by one of my readers, today we are going to see how to display images in the carousel full screen on Sencha Touch 2.  Here is the code followed by explanation

Monday, 26 August 2013

Advanced CSRF Token PHP Generation Class

Today, I am going to share the CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery ) PHP Generation Class, Which is used to prevent the invalid access to the web application using $_GET and $_POST Requests. Here is the PHP Code

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

How to animate components in Sencha Touch 2

Today, We are going to see How to animate components in Sencha Touch 2 using Ext.Anim Class. In Ext.Anim Class, method run() is used to execute animation on the Sencha Touch Components using the animation properties and types defined inside Ext.anims class.

Let's see the demonstration, We are going to add Slide animation effect to the component element while the component is rendered in the browser. Event Show will be triggered when the component is rendered into the browser.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Added New Page: Sencha Touch and Ext JS Books

I added a new page which will contains the list of books from Sencha Touch, Ext JS and Sencha Architect. The purpose of this page is to have all the books list from Sencha Touch and Ext JS in one place. 


Hope, you enjoyed this Page.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Create Workspace using Sencha Cmd and its Usage

As we already know that we can create Single page  and Multi Page mobile Web Application using Sencha Cmd.

Single Page Application:

A Single Page Application (Sencha Touch App) will contain an Ext.Application class (app.js). Based on some events (tab, mousestart, keyup, initialize etc) we will be attaching other js files inside app.js and rendered into the browser.

Multi Page Application:

In Multi Page Application, we will have multiple pages. Here multiple pages can refer as Sencha Touch and Ext JS Application. With the help of Workspace, we can  categorize the multi page application. Now, we are going to see the workspace and its usage.

Sencha Touch: Modify Search Field Icon Color

As requested by one of my reader, today we are going to see how to change the color of the MAGNIFYING GLASS icon in the Search Field on Sencha Touch 2 (using CSS property).

By default, this is how the look and feel of the Search Field Icon

.x-field-search .x-field-input:before {
          background-color: #000 !important;

Above CSS Code, will make the MAGNIFYING GLASS icon color to Black.

Hope, you enjoyed this Post.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Added new page: Sencha Touch book example codes

I added a new page which will contains the chapter codes from the available Sencha Touch books, This page will display the chapter codes with download links from the Sencha Touch Books. 

This page will be useful for those who is looking for some real working examples from Sencha Touch World.


Hope, you enjoyed this Page.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Dynamic Select drop down with Store in Sencha Touch 2

Today Post, we are going to see how to make select drop down field dynamic with store in Sencha Touch 2. We are going to display two drop down fields 'Country' and 'State'. By selecting Country drop down, their corresponding States will be dynamically updated in the State Drop down.

Form Panel:

First, we are going to create a FormPanel Class with Toolbar and two select drop down fields Country and State and their corresponding configuration settings.

Then, we are attaching onchange event using the listeners configuration, which will trigger onCountryChange method when Country is selected in Country drop down.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Winner: Sencha Architect App Development free eBook Contest

I am really very happy that i got a good response for my Free eBook Contest. It's time to announce the Contest Winners. Following are those

1) Surhid Amatya

2) Agente Sun

3) wiky

I congragulate to the Winners and they will receive the "Sencha Architect App Development" eBook download link  via email.

To those who are not in the Winners list, Sorry I have only limited copy of free eBooks. If i have more copies, I should have given to all the participants.

Agente Sun, Wiky please  provide your email address in order to send the eBook download link. I don't have your email address with me. 

Thanks to all.
Suresh Kumar A

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