Sunday, 3 November 2013

Book Review: Packt's Instant jQuery Boilerplate for Plugins by Jonathan Fielding

I have been reading Instant jQuery Boilerplate for Plugins book by Jonathan Fielding published by PACKT Publishing. Instant jQuery Boilerplate for Plugins is a guide to getting started with writing your first jQuery plugin using jQuery Boilerplate.

This book will explore the different options that the jQuery Boilerplate has to offer, and then go through several tutorials to get you comfortable with writing a plugin. I really enjoyed the way the author organized the chapters into projects by starting with Simple, followed by Intermeditate and finally ends with Advanced. One thing missing from my point  is the detailed explanations on these projects for begineers. I prefer this book for Intermediate and Advanced Plugin developers. My review for this book as follows.

Getting started with jQuery plugins (simple): This chapter will guide you on how to get started  with jQuery Plugin development by taking you through the step-by-step process of setting up  a suitable development environment. It also explains the best coding practices that developers should endeavor to follow while creating the jQuery plugins.

Getting started with your first plugin (simple): This chapter explains by creating simple plugin that manipulates the shape of a div element. It explains by writing simple HTML to declare a shape element and a button, declaring each shape (circle, triangle, square) using CSS properties, and then by using the JavaScript to toggle which shape is shown by toggling the CSS class appended to it. This chapter wil help you familiarize yourself both  with jQuery plugin development and the jQuery Boilerplate template.

Create a simple JSON reader:  This chapter explains by writing a plugin that can read and process data provided by a JSON feed.  Its uses REST API feed provided by Twitter in order to read and display the recent tweets using the Yahoo Query Language (YQL).

jQuery Hover panels with jQuery Boilerplate (simple):  This chapter explains by writing a plugin to apply transition between the two pieces of content, we will simply hide the default content and show the hover content. Hover panels are becoming increasingly popular on websites with the default content being replaced with alternative content on hover, usually with an animation for the transition between the two pieces of content.

Writing a carousel with jQuery Boilerplate (Intermediate): This chapter explains by writing a carousel plugin that contains five images with prev and next button. By clicking these button, it explains how to manipulate the carousel images with transition effects.

AJAX bookshelves with jQuery Boilerplate (Advanced):  This chapter explains by writing a plugin that will retrieve list of books that the site owner has been reading. This plugin is used to build a pull-out sidebar on the website that will list all the books and provide different ways in which they can be sorted.

Writing a validation plugin using jQuery Boilerplate (Intermediate): This chapter explains by writing a validation plugin which does basic form validations. As such, this chapter show how to build a robust form validation plugin, which validates required e-mail and phone number input fields.

To whom does this book for?

This book is for anyone who wants to write their own plugin or know the basics of plugin writing.
You need to have a good understanding  of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery library.

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