Sunday, 23 March 2014

Book Review: Learning Android Intents by Packt publishers

I got a chance to review this eBook Learning Android Intents by Muhammad Usama bin Aftab and Wajahat Karim. This book contains around 300 pages with nine chapters and published by Packt Publishers.

This book "Learning Android Intents" begins explaining about the introduction on Android and proceed with explaining about the various Intent services available for the android platform. Following are some of the Intent Services available in this eBook with detailed explanation.

  • How to make simple connections between activities
  • How to access device related native API's such as GPS, WI-FI, Battery, Camera, Sensors, Network Connection etc.
  • How to broadcast messages with SMS/MMS using Intents
  • How to make phone calls  using Intents
  • How to notify users with notification messages such as alert, confirm etc.
  • How to store data and retrieve from storage medium using Intents.
  • and so on...

This Book explains each and every concept regarding Intents in a detailed way with example code and snapshot images. Entry level android developers won't face any difficulty on understanding about the Intents. Each chapter explains about the available Intents features and how you can use these features in your real-time native app development. Each chapter information are clearly explained in such a way that any developer can easily understand.

I recommend this book for Entry Level, Intermediate and Experienced android developers. I can say that once you read this book, you will came to know the power of Intents and using that you can make your Android development to the Next Level.

My rating for this book : 4/5

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