Sunday, 21 December 2014

Book Review: Building a Login System using Sencha Touch by Josh Morony

I got a chance to review this eBook "Building a Login System using Sencha Touch" by Josh Morony.

If you need to integrate Login form in your Sencha Touch App that you haven't done it before, this is book for you. Also if you like to integrate the facebook login and need to generate the native android and IOS binary file that need to distribute to your App Store, this is the book for you. Here is my detailed review on this book in chapter wise.

Creating Login and New Account Form:

This book starts explaining about creating the login and new Account Form. In this chapter you will understand how to create a basic form with field using sencha layout. Also it explains about how to attach event listeners to buttons that fires custom events from views.

Creating User Model and LocalUser Store:

This Chapter explains about creating model fields with ajax proxy which will do CRUD operations, these CRUD operations are explained detail using Server Side PHP langauage.It also explains about applying model validation to the form field values. This chapter ends with creating Store with HTML5 LocalStorage.

Implementing the Logic:

This chapter explains the business logic on form button events for both login and create new account form which are handled in the controllers.

Integrating Facebook Login:

This chapter starts explaining on integrating the facebook login, it uses the Facebook Connect Phonegap plugin which will communicate the native side for displaying login authentication popup and other native features.

Getting Ready for App Store Distribution:

This chapter explains on setting up phonegap build on and generating the native IOS and Android binary files using sencha native command. This command will generate apk and ipa files in debug mode. It continues to explain about generating .p12 file and provisioning profile for IOS build and generating a keystore file for Android platform. This chapter ends with phonegap configuration for remote phonegap build using app.json.


I will recommend this book for those who wants to know the below ones.

 - Integrate Login Form with Model validation and Store in your App.
 - Integrate Facebook Login in your app.
 - Need to know the basic CRUD operation using model ajax proxy API.
 - Setting up remote build using
 - Generate native production binary for Android and IOS platform ready for App Store.

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